Importance of Citation on Local SEO

Structured quotes have become an increasingly influential ranking criterion in local SEO. Why develop them and how should we do it?

Quotations structured in SEO, already popular and widely used in Anglo-Saxon countries, are increasingly. Thus, they have become a major interest for companies wishing to optimize their local visibility on the web. A glance at an increasingly influential ranking criteria for local SEO on the Internet.

Definition of structured quotes and development

The term “Structured Quote” is a reference on the Internet to local properties of a business, including the Name, Address, Telephone Number (NAP = acronym for: Name, Address, Phone). This reference can be done with or without a link to a website (Backlink).

Ideally, structured quotes are the coordinates that you have entered on the Google+ Local listing of your business or point of sale. Thus, the creation and optimization of a Google + Local Card is the first step in the development of structured quotes.

The second point will be to add on your website, for example all pages at the footer, the same NAP information (the name of the company, its full address and phone number) tagged via Microdata. The purpose of microdata is to explicitly indicate to search engines the nature of the tagged content.

Google, Bing, Yahoo use these microdata to interpret the information of a web page more easily. They are able to classify this data according to their nature. As such, they have taken the initiative to consolidate on the site the vocabulary necessary to tag important information on its site.

The importance of developing structured quotes

Search engines have had to adapt to changes in search behavior on the internet:

  • Research with local intentions is on the rise.
  • Internet research in a situation of mobility has exploded.
  • Thus, the volume and accuracy of citations that a company gets on the Internet and from authority sites, have become local ranking factors taken into account by search engines, Google in the lead.

Moreover, the latter justifies that to improve local search results, it compiles the information (including geographical) of establishments and businesses collected on the Internet.

It therefore becomes important to develop structured quotes from authoritative sites and consistent with its activity and geographical location.

Government sites, business associations, or chambers of commerce are examples of sites with strong authority for search engines.

Develop structured quotes on the internet

To develop your structured quotes on the internet, do not forget to always fill in the same NAP information in the same form. Your business name, phone numbers, and geographic coordinates should match what is on the Google + Local listing and on your website.

A step is essential before embarking on the optimization of structured quotes.

Structured Quotes: First of all, make an inventory

Before starting, it will be necessary to make an inventory of the structured quotations currently obtained by your company on Internet.

Do a search on the Internet with the name of your company and its address and look at the sites that stand out, for example, Pizzeria Luigi 6 rue Paradis. Make sure all information is present and correct on these sites. If this is not the case, try to correct or complete them.

Finally, you will be able to visit the many sites that allow you to develop quotes (see the examples below). Very often you will notice that your business is already there even if you have not registered it personally. Again, consider claiming these cards and put all your important information.



Backlink SEO: The Definitive Guide for 2019 on Incoming Links

For a SEO specialist, but also for anyone who manages a site, the activity related to research and the acquisition of backlinks is one of the most intriguing. This is because it is the result of strategies studied for a long time and in -depth analyzes. It can be said that the backlinks, so important for SEO, represent for experts one of those mental games that require so much concentration, but then, when you win, they repay you for every effort. However, as in all games, even for SEO backlinks there are rules, prohibitions and tactics to follow to succeed. What are they? Let’s find out in the definitive 2019 guide!

Let’s Start From The Beginning: What Are Backlinks?

For those who still do not have very clear ideas but also for those who want to refresh their memory, here is an introductory paragraph to SEO backlinks: what are they and why this constant search for new ones? This is a strategy for optimizing the site for search engines considered “off-site”, as it takes place outside the site, just like communication via Social Network. Unlike the latter, which can be wholly controlled by us, the activity of acquiring backlinks, or incoming links, is mostly in the hands of an external site. What does it mean? The site gets a backlink when a third site decides to link using its own specific page. It is obvious that to do so it must have good motivations: motivations that we must provide it to us, through our contents, our online visibility, and the notoriety. If you choose the options like seo melbourne guy then surely they would take the best use of the same now.

Create Content 10 Times Better Than Competitors to Get Visibility

What is the keyword of the first strategy to get SEO backlinks? Amaze. Your content must amaze, fascinateand leave you speechless to the point of “forcing” those who have a well-established site to link to you. Of course, perhaps it is easier said than done, but this is a fixed point in the strategy and we must take note of it.

  • We insert the keyword of the topic that we would like to deal with on search engines, to see what the level of competition is. If our business is gardening, we could write “make the perfect garden”. Here’s what would come out:
  • After opening every single item on the first page of results, it will be possible to understand if everything we could talk about has already been said or if there are heavy gaps that you could fill. For example, if a paragraph concerning how to care for the lawn and the methods for keeping the grass from growing too quickly were not covered, we could throw ourselves into this.

After defining the points to be touched within the article, we will proceed with the drafting. It will be a long post, rich in both theoretical and practical information that can really affect the need and need of the user who has researched “how to make the perfect garden”. Enrich the article with images and, if possible, videos. In this way, it will be easier to attract consumer attention.


What are Google’s ranking factors? Here’s what you need to know

Let’s dispel a myth immediately: there is no definitive number of Google ranking factors , for the simple fact that these are updated continuously.Just think of the increase in Semantic and Artificial Intelligence studies to respond to user requests, recent algorithms regarding website speed or new indexing criteria from mobile devices.

Not only that, but thanks to the development of the new Ask the Right Questions algorithm , it is likely that in the near future the ranking algorithm will no longer even decide the classification of sites.In the meantime, we explain you what they are and what you need to know about the criteria that influence organic positioning, to be considered absolutely to do SEO on Google.

  1. Seniority of the domain: although the importance is minimal, the age of the domain, how long it has been active, influences the positioning of the site.
  2. Keyword in the domain name: another signal that affects the relevance (on the visibility objectives) of the keyword with which we probably want to position ourselves.
  3. Keyword as the first word of the domain: like the previous point, but in this case the importance of the position of the keyword is underlined.
  4. Duration of domain registration: a Google driving license mentions the duration of domain registration as a sign of credibility. The longer the registration takes place, the more secure the domain is.
  5. Keyword in the third level domain: Moz reports that the keywords in the subdomain also influence the positioning of the keyword.
  6. Domain metrics:  in these days John Mueller has declared that Google uses some metrics to calculate the authority of the domain, which are initially inherited from the new pages of the site.
  7. History of the domain:  a site registered over time by several people or penalized in one of the previous registrations, maintains some penalties in the positioning.
  8. Correspondence of the keyword:  an exact match of the keyword in the domain name is an advantage, although it has lost importance over time.
  9. Information of the public registrant:  Whois a site that allows to know the data of the registrant of the site, if public. Google interprets the willingness to show data as a sign that positively influences the site.
  10. Spam registeringcriminals: if a registrant’s site is penalized for spam, other sites owned by the same person may also be penalized.

Site positioning factors

Unique and valuable content: Every content on the site should communicate something new. Sites that share the same content to create affiliate programs are penalized. In such cases you can have the support of seomelbourneguy.com as they provide the best strategies for the same.

Contacts page:  Google rewards the contact pages that contain the registrant’s data, especially if they are identical to those.


The official ranking factors are around 200, but they change and develop continuously following the development of new technologies. To achieve success on Google, a website must continually update itself to these changes. Contacting a professional in the sector is essential for creating a pleasant site for both Google and users.